Discover the most beautiful sights and greatest panoramic views of Budapest!

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    Discover the most beautiful sights and greatest panoramic views of Budapest and explore Margaret Island

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    Discover the most beautiful sights and greatest panoramic views  of Budapest and visit Hungarian Parliament

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    Discover the most beautiful sights and greatest panoramic views of Budapest and visit Hospital in the Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum beneath the Buda Castle classified as top secret until 2002

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    Discover the greatest panoramic views of Budapest at sunset and after dark

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    Discover the most beautiful sights and greatest panoramic views of Budapest and go for a vampire hunt in Buda Castle Labyrinth!

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    Take a histroric travel back in time behind the Iron Curtain!

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    Enjoy a day full of action, adrenaline and excitement!

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    Discover Budapest natural wonders and wildlife hidden in the Buda Hills and it's caves.

    discover the natural wonders and wildlife of Budapest hidden in the Buda Hills and it's caves.

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    Discover Szentendre and Visegrad the two pearls of the Danube Bend

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    Discover Szentendre - "the jewellery box of the Danube Bend"

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    Discover Buda-Etyek wine region a small paradise near Budapest

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    Discover a small lake with great countryside and castles and relax on the beach

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    Visit the largest baroque palace of Hungary

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    Visit the largest baroque palace of Hungary and enjoy a stunning horse show on a ranch near Budapest

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    Spend a day full of adrenaline, action and adventure and discover the natural beauty of the Danube Bend

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    Spend a day full of adrenaline, action and adventure on land and water in the countryside near Budapest.

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    Discover Szentendre and Obuda and relax on the beach

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Budapest Scooter Tours and Rental

Welcome to The Original Budapest Scooter Tour official website!!

Budapest – The place that has something for everyone
Hungary's capital Budapest is a jewel of the Danube with some of the world's finest architecture, breathtaking panoramic views, rich historical and cultural heritage and a truely cosmopolitan lifestyle. Budapest enjoys a unique geografic position being divided by the River Danube into two main parts Buda and Pest wich are connected by spectacular bridges. On the older Buda - wich is surronded by gentle hills and a lot of green areas - you may even find cobbled streets lighted with gas lamps. The younger and completely flat Pest is the financial and commercial heart of the city. This bustling city with it's museums, art galleries, concert halls, thousands of restaurant, bars, music pubs, cafes, and shops among them Europe's largest shopping malls is a place that has something for everyone.

Budapest & Contryside Scooter Tours - Do something different and have fun!
A bus tour is boring? What about a scooter tour? Explore Budapest and the countryside in a unique and exciting way and join our fully guided Budapest and Countryside Scooter Tours. Don't bother with guidebooks, maps, and trying to find directions, no one knows a place better than a local. Just enjoy riding your scooter and follow your professional tour guide who shows you around and gives you a comprehensive information on the attractions, history, culture and lifestyle.

Rent a scooter for business or leisure
Are you in Budapest on holiday or on a business trip? Whatever is the purpose of your visit the best way moving around in our city is driving a scooter. Forget traffic jams, the nearly impossible and expensive parking, the packed public transport, rent our modern easy to drive, automatic scooters enjoy freedom of riding and have a great fun! You can rent our scooters even for a few hours to do your business or for longer time to explore our beautiful city and it's surroundings.

We invite you to take a ride with us in Budapest one of the most beautiful cities of the world.
Take the chance and try this unforgottable experience!

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have never driven a scooter can I do it?
Most probably if you have a good bicycle expreience wich is essential to drive a scooter. If you book our guided tours you will be asked about your driving experience and if it is necessary the tour guide will provide you a short training before the tour.

Are the scooters automatic or they are with gears?
All our scooters are automatic, they have no gears. You just have to pull the gas to start.

Do I need a driver’s licence to drive a scooter?
Yes, a valid driver’s licence is required to drive a scooter in Hungary.
I have only a car licence, what kind of scooter can I drive?
According to Hungarian Law you can only drive a 50 CC scooter.

Can I take a passenger on 50 CC scooter?
According to Hungarian Law you cannot take a passenger on 50 CC scooters. If you would like to take a passenger you have to drive a 125 CC scooter. To drive a 125 CC scooter you require a motorcycle licence eligible for 125 CC (European Union category min. A1 or higher)

Shall I be fined by the Police if I take a passenger on 50 CC scooter?
If you take a passenger on 50 CC scooter, - altough it is unlikely - there is a risk that you can be fined by the Police. The fine can be about 50 EUR /HUF 15.000

Do I need an international licence to drive a scooter in Hungary?
If you are from the European Union (EU), or European Economic Area (EEA) your driver’s licence is fully accepted. If you are outside from EU or EEA we can only accept your licence if it clearly indicates eligibility of vechicle categories. To avoid inconveniences you are kindly advised to check with your local authorities if you require an international driver’s licence in Hungary as many countries have bilateral agreements with the EU or Hungary regarding the acceptance of driver’s licences. You can obtain an international drivers licence from the local authorities (police, automobile assotiations) depending on your country, usually for a small fee.

Can I drink alcohol while driving?
Absolutely not. In Hungary there is zero tolerance for acohol during driving.

Do I have to wear a helmet on scooter?
Yes in Hungary it is compulsory to wear a helmet while driving a scooter.

Where can I park the scooter?
In Hungary you can park the scooters on the sidewalks free of charge. The only rule is that you have to leave at least 1,5 m path for the pedestrians.

Can I drive a scooter on the bicycle path?
No, it is forbidden to drive the scooter on the bicycle path altough most scooter drivers do that.

Can I drive a scooter on the Bus Lane?
Yes you can drive a scooter on dedicated bus lanes wich is very useful during peak hours.

Can I drive a scooter on motorways or freeways?
It depends on what category scooter you drive. 50 CC scooters are forbidden on motorways and freeways. 125 CC scooters are allowed to use the motorways and freeways but you have to buy a ticket in advance.

Do I have to pay for the use of the motorways or freeways?
Yes, if you would like to drive a 125 CC or above category on motorways or freeways you have to buy a ticket in advance. The minimum 10 day ticket cost 5 EUR (HUF 1.490) that is valid for all the motorways and freeways in Hungary. You can but the ticket at petrol stations.

What kind of insurance is provided for the scooters?
All our scooters are provided with the so called Compulsory Liability Insurance. This insurance covers your liabilty towards third parties in case of accident –occured due to your fault – that involves damage in a third party vechicle or injuries of persons. This insurance does not cover the damage of your scooter or injuries of the driver. If a damage occured in your scooter due another driver’s fault than his insurance should cover the damages of the scooter, therefore in case of an accident it is essential to inform Budapest Scooter Tour immidiately and if it is necessary to inform also the Police.

Can you provide waiver insurance for Collision Damages (CDW) or Theft (THP) and Personal Insurance ?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide nor waiver insurance for collision damage (CDW) or theft (THP as in Hungary no such insurance available for scooters, neither personal insurance. We recommend to obtain a Travel Insurance in your country before your trip. However all our scooters are provided with a lock and you will be advised all necessary measures to avoid damages or theft of the scooter.

What is my liabilty?
You are liable for the any damage, theft or loss of the scooter. You are only exempted from your liability in case a damage was a fault of another driver and his responsability was officially declared and reported. According to our terms your liability is limited up to a maximum of 500 Euros.

How do you calculate the damage costs ?
The damage costs are calculated according to our tarrifs representing the costs or the spare parts, labour and delivery costs. In most cases the damage costs can be calculated immidiately but in some cases we have to consult the repair shop to give you the final cost. Theese tarrifs are available in our office.

Do you provide road assistance for rentals?
In case of technical problems or breakdown we take all measures to help you as soon as possible. Smaller technical issues can be solved on the spot or if it is cannot be solved on the spot we provide you another scooter if possible. This assistance we provide free of charge within the city.

What is a deposit and how can I provide it?
The deposit is your guarantee for the damages , theft or loss of the scooter. The amount of the deposit is indicated in our general terms. The deposit will be immidiately refunded after the termination of rental if the scooter was returned undamaged. You can provide the deposit in 3 different ways:
1. You can pay the deposit in cash at the check in
2. You can provide the deposit via Paypal payment. In this case we send you deposit money request via Paypal that you must pay before the handover of the scooter. After the termination of the rental the deposit will be fully refunded to your original account.
3. You can deposit your Passport or National ID (if you are from the EU or EEA).

Do you provide the scooters filled up with fuel?
Yes we provide you the scooter with full tank of fuel and you have to return it also with full tank. If you fail to refill the scooter before you return it we have to charge you a 10 EUR Refill Service Charge. If you do not want to hassle with refilling you can buy our reasonable Fuel Package in advance and you can bring back the scooter with empty tank.

What kind of fuel the scooters filled up with?
The scooters filled up with 95 unleaded petrol.

How much petrol a scooter consumes?
The scooters feature low consumption generally 2.5-3 liters of petrol for 100 kms.

Is there any daily mileage limitation?
No, there is no mileage limitation, we provide the scooters with unlimited mileage

I would like driving a scooter but have doubts driving in a big city
Honestly, driving a scooter anywhere involves a bit more risk simply beacause you are on two wheels and you are more exposed to road and weather conditions. Altough Budapest is fairly big city the traffic is far better than in some other big cities and local drivers are aware of two wheel vechicles on the roads.

Is it difficult to find directions in Budapest?
Obviously when you are in an unknown place for the firs time it might seem difficult to find directions. We are going to give you instructions and some useful hints where to go and what to see in the city and you will be provided a free map. A GPS-Naviguide with turn-by–turn voice guidance in your language, preloaded sightseeing tours and 200+ English language POI-s is also available for rental.

Do you deliver the scooters to hotel or airport?

We do not provide delivery of scooters but our office is conveniently located in the city center, easily acessable with public transportation from all parts of the city.

Do you accept credit cards in your shop?
Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards in our shop, you can pay only with cash in Euros or Hungarian Forints. We can provide you Paypal payment solution for advance booking upon request.

Can I book your services online?
Yes you can. On our website we provide online booking with Paypal payment solution.

Guided tours

Adventure & Culture on twoo wheels!

 evaA lifetime experience
Try this unique cultural adventure on two wheels and admire some of the world's most spectacular panoramic views, and architectural heritage from a seat of a stylish scooter!

A professional tour guide takes care of you on each tour. You just follow him and listen to his live commentary about the sights, history, culture and lifestyle on your headset provided. We are never in a hurry, we always drive with a suitable speed to let you enjoy the great panoramic views, architectural heritage and make also several stops to let you take photos.

Weather you choose our city or countryside tours your lifetime experience is guaranteed.

Join any scooter tour as a passenger

kep06Don't want to drive but still would like to enjoy riding a scoooter? No problem, now you can join any of our tours riding as a passenger behind the expert tour guide!

GPS Tours

gps navoconNEW!
Budapest GPS Tours with Naviguide®

Discover Budapest in absolute freedom,at your own pace with NAVIGUIDE® our latest tech innovation.

is a GPS navigation with preploaded tour routes of the most beautiful tourist itineraries of Budapest specially designed for scootering.You just select the desired tour and a 3D navigation with turn by turn voice guidence will guide you around, assuring a hassle free and easy orintation. BUDAPEST POINTS our own 200+ English language POI collection of the most popular city attractions gives you further ideas to enhance your visit.

Discover the city at your own pace without getting lost
3D navigation with turn by turn voice guidance
Preloaded tour routes with the most beautiful itineraries  
Personal Travel Assistant
See more for less time

What is included
GPS-NAVIGUIDE® with preloaded tour routes
BUDAPEST POINTS English language POI-s
12V power supply, charger, gps mount
Personal travel assistance
Technical explanation

How much does it cost?
The whole package cost you just 5 EUR per day

 Online reservation
Click "make a reservation" button and you will be directed to our online reservation page. Choose 50 or 125  daily our hourly rental, and you can add gps-naviguide to your rental as a supplement.





3 day itinerary in Budapest on scooter

In the below sample itinerary we give you an idea what can you do and see in Budapest in 3 days. All the tour routes and attractions in the itinerary are progammed in our GPS Naviguide  a smart GPS navigator that can provide you an easy and hassle free orientation to discover Budapest.

Day 1 Budapest an unforgottable experience on land and water

Day 1  Budapest an unforgottable experience on land and water

Budapest Grand Tour
Discover the most beautiful sights of both Buda and Pest located on the two banks of the river Danube. View the most famous landmarks in Pest such as the St. Stephen's Cathedral the Parliament, the world heritage Andrassy Avenue with the Opera House, visit Heroes Square with the Millennium Monument and discover the neigbouring City Park with the Szechenyi spa, Vajdahunyad Castle. Enjoy the ride on the winding roads of Buda Castle the oldest neigbourhood of the city dominated by the Matthias Church and the Royal Palace and admire the stunning views from the Fishermen's Bastion and the Citadel on the top of Gellert Hill.

Budapest Thermal Spas
Let yourself pampered in one of beautiful Budapest Thermal Spas. The most popular ones are the Szechenyi Bath in the city park in Pest and the Gellert Bath at the foot of Gellert hill in Buda. Both feature indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, and various types of massages are also available.

Danube cruise
Take a relaxing cruise on the river Danube. There is a great choice of day and evening cruises available fitting to all tastes eg. classic sightseeing cruise, coffe- wine- coctail and beer cruise, lunch or dinner cruise.

Day 2 Margaret Island and the Great Market Hall

Day 2  Margaret Island and the Great Market Hall
Danube Panoramic tour with Margaret Island
Take a scenic drive along the river Danube and admire the breathtaking views of Budapest. Visit Margaret Island a green oasis of the city with flower gardens, historical ruins, ponds, mini-zoo and don't miss the spectacular musical fountain show located close to the entrance from Margaret Bridge. ( The show is available from april to otctober on every hour) NB: The use of motor vechicles is prohibited on the island. You are only allowed to enter Margaret Island from Arpad bridge,than you must park your scooter in the public parking near the bridge entrance and explore the island on foot or you can rent a bicycle or electric car close the public parking.

Great Market Hall
Visit the the iconic Great Market Hall the largest indoor market of the city. Take a stroll around the colourful small shops selling all kinds of food including the famous Hungarian delights such as hot chili paprika powder, sausage, salami, goose liver pate, crispy goose or pork bacon etc. If you get hungry – I am afraid you will - just buy a portion of freshly baked cheese scone (sajtos pogácsa) or a sturdel(rétes) with all kinds of filling or you may try the traditional Hungarian Goulash in the restaurant located on the upper floor.

Romai part and Kopaszi gat the two most popular outdoor spots of the locals
If you would like to mix with the locals in the evening visit Római part (Romai beach) the ever summer favourite of the locals located by the river Danube in Obuda (Old Buda) with dozens of cheap restaurans providing fried fish (hake), fried sausage (sült kolbász) lángos (scone) or pankake (palacsinta) or visit Kopaszi Gát (Kopaszi dike) at Lagymanyosi bay with dozens of nice restaurants and cafes with at the bayside overlooking the National Theather and the Palace of Arts . This area is also a popular night life spot thanks to the popular music clubs such as A38 boat, Rio and Zold Pardon.

Day 3 The Jewish Quarter with the Ruin bars and Budapest City Lights

Day 3  The Jewish Quarter with the Ruin bars and Budapest City Lights

The Jewish Quarter and the Ruin bars
Explore the Jewish quarter highlighted with the Dohany street Synagogue, the New York Café , the St. Elisabeth church and discover it's narrow alleys flanked by Budapest famous ruin bars. After dark the Jewish Quarter transforms into the most popular night life spot of the city. Don't miss a visit to Gozsdu Udvar ( Gozsdu courtyard) full of bars and restaurants and and Szimpla Kert (Simple Garden) an iconic ruin bar with extravagant decor. The unique concept of transforming devastated buildings into so called "ruin bars" started here.

Budapest City Lights tour
Take a scenic drive along the river Danube and admire the breathtaking panoramic views of the lit up Budapest from the most famous hilltop lookout points the Fishermen's Bastion in the Buda Castle and the Citadel on the top of Gellért Hill. Enjoy the spectacular 55 min free musical fountain show on the Margaret Island (available from APR to OCT at 9 pm.) located close to Margaret Bridge entrance of the island. NB: It is prohibited to enter Margaret Island from Margaret bridge with motor vechicles. You can park your scooter near the bridge on the Pest side and walk about 10 minutes to the fountain.

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