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Budapest Grand Tour with Parliament visit

Type Private tour
Destination Budapest
Category Budapest Tours
Duration 4 hours
Dates & Prices
Depart date

Discover Budapest highlights and visit the magnificent Parliament!

Discover Budapest great monuments, the romantic castle, the elegant 19 century architecture, the amazing hilltop views and visit the magnificent Hungarian Parliament building with the 1000 year old Hungarian crown.

We start the tour with exploring the Gellert Hill. During the ride up the hill we cross the Liberty bridge and pass by the Great Market Hall, the famous Gellert Bath and the Rock Chapel built at the hillside. On the hilltop, view the Citadel, the Liberty statue and enjoy the fabulous view of Budapest. After a short ride along the riverbank passing by the Castle Garden Bazaar start exploring the Buda Castle. View the iconic Matthias church and enjoy the spectacular view of Budapest from the Fisherman Bastion than take a short tour in the cobbled stone alleys. Leave the castle hill cross the Castle Tunnel than the Chain bridge and start discovering the Pest side. View the Saint Stephen’s Basilica the largest catholic of Budapest and after a short drive we arive to the magnificent Hungarian Parliament building. If you are lucky you may even see the changing of the guards here. Will take a 45 minute English language guided tour inside the Hungarian Parliament. The highlight of the tour is the 1000 year old Hungarian Crown. After the visit at the Parliament take a ride along Budapest Champs Elysee the elegant Andrassy avenue, view the Opera House and the beautiful 19 century palaces than visit Heroes square – the largest square of Budapest – with the Millenial Monument erected in 1896 to commemorate the 1000 year anniversary of the arrival of the Magyars. Take a short tour in the neighbouring City Park and view the Zoo, Szechenyi Thermal Bath and Vajdahunyad Castle. On the way back to the base we pass by the Dohany street Synagogue - the largest functioning synagogue in Europe.

Why does a small country need a Parliament building with almost 700 rooms?
How did air condition work in a 19 century building?
Why had the Hungarian Crown been stored in the USA ?
How has Hungarian Parliament building lost 4 meters of its height?
Where was the top secret nuclear bunker in the heart of the city?
Get to know all this and listen to more stories on this tour.

Tour highlights

  • • 4 hour live guided tour with great photo stops
    • Gellert Hill with the Citadel and the Liberty statue with the fabuolus view of Budapest
    • Buda Castle with the Matthias church, the Fisherman Bastion with the magnificent view of the city
    • Saint Stephen’s Basilica the largest catholic church of Budapest
    • 45 minute guided tour at the Parliament – the largest buliding of Hungary
    • Budapest Champs Elysee the Andrassy avenue with the Opera House and the beautiful 19 century palaces
    • Heroes Square with the Millenial Monument and the City Park

Important note:
At check in for the Parliament tour You must prove your identity with a valid passport (NON EU) or photo identity card (EU). Students who purchased a discounted ticket must also prove their student identity with valid ISIC card. Failing to meet the above requirements your ticket will be surcharged to the full NON EU adult price. Tickets are non refundable.

Student discounts
EU students under 25 years are entitled to a 3 EUR discount from the EU adult price Please select discount on the booking page.
NON EU Student under 25 years are entitled to a 9 EUR discount from the NON EU adult price. Please select discount on the booking page.

Tour Specs
Tour duration: 4 hours
Driving distance: 25 km
Difficulty level: medium
Tour type: private tour

MAR-NOV at 10 AM
Check-in 15 min prior to departure time

Meeting Point
Budapest Scooter Tour 1053 Budapest Vámház korut 10 (the office is located inside at the house courtyard. Hotline: 36 309845100 

Tour Map


Great Market Hall
Great Market Hall

The spectacular Great Market Hall is a good source of Hungarian products. You can also make it a pit-stop for a quick bite of traditional Hungarian food when touring the city. Shop with the locals for sausages, meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables and pastries. Fancy bottles of Tokaji, a variety of paprika and handicrafts are also available.

Liberty bridge
Liberty bridge

Originally named after Emperor Franz Joseph today called Liberty Bridge (Szabadság híd) was built between 1894 and 1896. Opened in the year of the Millennium and was officially completed when Emperor Franz Joseph inserted the last silver rivet into its iron structure. The top of each of the bridge’s pillars is decorated with a 'Turul' bird, the mythical bird of Hungary.

St. Stephen's Basilica
St. Stephen's Basilica

It took more than 50 years to build the Basilica, the largest church in Budapest. Building commenced in 1851 and the inauguration ceremony took place in 1906. The patron saint of the church is St. Stephen, the first king of Hungary. Visit the dome's observation deck for a beautiful panoramic view of Budapest.


The Parlament, a magnificent example of Neo-Gothic architecture, is just over 100 years old. It's the third largest Parliament building in the world, and is also home to the Hungarian Crown Jewels. Guided tours are available in different languages.

Heroes's square
Heroes's square

Heroes’ Square is the largest and most impressive square of the city. The Millennium Monument standing in the middle of the square was erected in 1896 to commemorate the 1000-year-old history of Magyars. The Museum of Fine Arts is located at the north side of the square. The Kunsthalle (Hall of Art), an exhibition hall for the contemporary arts, is at the south side.

Szechenyi Bath
Szechenyi Bath

Although it may look like a Baroque palace, Széchenyi Baths (Széchenyi fürdő) is the largest medicinal bath and one of the largest public baths in Europe. It is a great place to relax and enjoy the healing waters, or to take a few laps in the swimming pool. The Széchenyi is a favorite for both locals and tourists alike.

City Park & Vajdahunyad Castle
City Park & Vajdahunyad Castle

City Park
City Park provides a great escape from the bustle of the city. The 1896 Millennium Celebrations took place here, leaving many attractions behind.

Vajdahunyad Castle
The castle was built to show the various architectural styles of Hungary, and has Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque parts. There is a boating lake next to the castle, which is turned into an ice skating rink in the winter.

Andrassy Avenue & The Millenium Underground
Andrassy Avenue & The Millenium Underground

Andrassy Avenue
This elegant avenue, recognized as a World Heritage Site, is often referred to as Budapest's Champs-Elysées. It is also called cultural avenue, as the Opera House, Pest's best theaters, the Academy of Music, and many museums are either on the avenue or just off of it. Andrássy Avenue is great for walks alongside the beautiful turn-of-the-century buildings or people watching in one of the many cafés.
Millenium Underground
The first subway line in mainland Europe, the Millennium Underground in Budapest, opened in 1896. The line is still in use and it runs along Andrássy Avenue. In 2002 the Millennium Underground was added to he World Heritage Sites.

Hungarian State Opera House
Hungarian State Opera House

The State Opera House, considered to be among the best in the world. Built in the 1880s and stands as one of the most prestigious musical institutions in Europe.

Chain Bridge
Chain Bridge

The Chain Bridge was the first bridge to permanently connect Buda and Pest. At the time of its completion, Chain Bridge was considered to be one of the wonders of the world. Chief engineer Adam Clark completed the span in 1849. Crossing the bridge is just a short walk and no matter which direction you go, the view is beautiful.

Buda Castle
Buda Castle

This World Heritage Site is the oldest neighbourhood of the city. It's unique atmosphere with beautiful ancient buidings such as the Mathias Church, The Fishermen's Bastion, The Royal Palceis, silent courtyards, twisted, narrow cobblestone streets and superb views make it the most important architectual heritage and a top destination of Budapest.

Matthias Church
Matthias Church

The 700-year-old Matthias Church was the scene of several coronations, including that of Charles IV in 1916, the last Habsburg king. It was also the site for the great Hungarian King Matthias' two weddings, hence its name. The eastern gate of the church was built in the 13th century. Today, Matthias Church remains one of the city's most prominent buildings.

Fishermen's Bastion
Fishermen's Bastion

Fishermen's Bastion is one of the most fascinating sights on Castle Hill. Although fishermen from Watertown (Víziváros) reputedly defended this part of the city during the Middle Ages, Fishermen’s Bastion was built in the 1890s and it’s purely decorative. Today, it's a favorite lookout.

The Royal Palace
The Royal Palace

The first royal residence on Castle Hill was built in the 13th century, after the Mongolian invasion. Construction continued in the 15th century, following the marriage of King Matthias Corvinus and Beatrix of Naples in 1476. Many Italian artists and craftsmen accompanied the new queen, bringing the Renaissance style to Buda. The palace was completely destroyed when liberating Buda from the Turks. In the 18th century, a Baroque palace was built, which is identical with the core structure of the present-day palace. During the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the palace gave home to lavish ceremonies symbolizing peace between the dynasty and the nation.

Gellert Bath
Gellert Bath

Located at the foot of Gellért Hill, this Art Nouveau style hotel has been an important landmark in Budapest for more than 80 years. The building also houses the world-famous Gellért Baths, offering indoor and outdoor bathing. Built between 1912 and 1918 and inspired by the Vienna Secession, the German Jugendstil, Art Nouveau from Belgium and France and traditional Hungarian designs like Zsolnay mosaics, the Gellért is the most photographed spa in Hungary.

Gellért Hill
Gellért Hill

Gellert Hill (Gellért-hegy) offers some of the best panoramic views of Budapest. The hill was named after bishop Gellért (Gerald), who was thrown to death from the hill by pagans in the fight against Christianity in 1046.


At the top of the hill is the Citadel (Citadella), a fortress built by the Habsburgs after defeating Hungary's War of Independence in 1849. It was a prime, strategic site for shelling both Buda and Pest in the event of a future rebellion.

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty (Szabadság Szobor) - Budapest's Statue of Liberty stands on top of the hill, and she can be seen from all parts of the city. The statue was erected in 1947 during the Communist era. As Liberty had already become a symbol of the city, she was not removed unlike other Communist icons, such as the Red Army soldier who used to stand at her feet, allowing us to see her in her original surroundings.

Elisabeth bridge
Elisabeth bridge

Probably the most elegant bridge in Budapest was named in honor of Queen Elisabeth, wife of Emperor Franz Joseph. The original suspension bridge was built at the end of the 19th century, but the damage sustained in World War II left the bridge beyond repair. Using the old pillars, a new bridge was built in the 1960s.

The Hungarian National Museum
The Hungarian National Museum

The Hungarian National Museum (Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum) is the oldest public museum in Hungary. The museum's present building was built between 1837 and 1847, and it stands as a great example of Neo-Classicist architecture. Founded 200 years ago, the museum is dedicated to the history of Hungary and today it remains a symbol of Hungary's national identity. The permanent exhibition includes furniture, textiles, weapons, metalwork and ceramics. One of the most valuable items is the Coronation Mantle (the Crown Jewels are on display in Budapest's Parlament).

Dohany street Synagogue
Dohany street Synagogue

Dohany street syangogue is among the most beautiful in the world. This monumental building, built in the Moorish style, is the largest functioning synagogue in Europe, and the second largest in the world after the Temple Emanu-El in New York. It was designed by the renowned Viennese architect Ludwig Förster

Budapest Scooter Tour
Budapest Scooter Tour

All our tours start and finnish at Budapest Scooter Tour office at 1053 Budapest Vámház korut 10. The office is inside the courtyard of the building

What's included:
50 or 125 cc automatic scooter
Safety helmet
Compulsory 3-rd party liability insurrance
English speaking tour guide
Services indicated in the tour programme

Meals, drinks admission tickets are not included only if explicitly specified in the tour programme

Valid Photo ID (EU citizens only) or passport (Non EU citizens)

Valid driver's licence
50cc: Car or Moped licence
125cc: Motorcycle licence EU A1 or international equivalent
50 cc scooters are only for 1 person, it is forbidden to carry a passenger

The tour participant drives the scooter at his/her own risk. The driver is liable for damages caused to the scooter at his/her fault up to maxiumum HUF 150.000/ EUR 500. Damage is calculated according to the price list available at the office.

Parliament NON EU Student discount

Please add the number number of NON EU Student to apply for the discount ( NON EU students under 25 years with valid ISIC card)

-9 EUR / Adult
Parliament EU Student discount

Add the number of EU students in the group to apply for discount (EU students  under 25 ears with valid ISIC card)

-3 EUR / Adult