Guided Tours

Guided Tours General Information

Please read the general information about our guided tours and if something is not clear or you need any more information feel free to ask us.

Riding a scooter

If you can ride a bicycle you probably can ride a scooter as well. According to our experience after a few-minute riding, you gain confidence driving a scooter safely. Each tour starts with a technical briefing. Your tour guide explains to you the handling of the scooter and gives you safety instructions. If necessary he will also provide you with a short practice before you start the tour.


Participants must be at least 18 years old (or accompanied by an adult), must hold a valid driver’s license, and must be able to drive a scooter safely. The tour guide can cancel your participation if you are not able to drive the scooter safely. Participation in the tours is at your own risk

Required Driver’s license

50 cc scooter: Car license (EU category “B”) or moped license (EU category “AM”) or an international equivalent. According to Hungarian law, it is not allowed to ride with a passenger on 50 cc scooters.
125 cc scooter: motorcycle license ( EU Category A1 category or higher ) or an international equivalent. On 125 CC scooters, you can also ride with a passenger.

Riding with a passenger on a 125 cc scooter

If you have a motorcycle license you can book the tour with a 125 CC scooter (subject to availability) and you can ride with a passenger. 

Participating in a tour as a passenger

You can participate in a tour as a passenger riding with your friend or you can ask the tour guide to ride with him as a passenger on his scooter. Passengers must also pay the full tour price.


All our scooters are provided with a Third Party Liability Insurance. This insurance covers your liability towards third parties in case of an accident that involves damage to a third-party vehicle or injuries of persons due to your fault. This insurance does not cover the damage to your scooter or the injuries of the driver. If damage occurred in your scooter due to another driver’s fault then his insurance should cover the damages to your scooter. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with waiver insurance for collision damage (CDW) or personal insurance as in Hungary no such insurance is available for scooters. We recommend obtaining Travel Insurance in your country before your trip. 

Limited Liability

You are liable for breaking the traffic rules and any damage, or loss of the scooter at your fault. You are only exempted from your liability in case the damage was the fault of another driver and his responsibility was officially approved. According to our terms, your liability is limited to a maximum of 500 Euros.

Tour difficulty levels

We classify the tours into 3 difficulty levels to give you an idea of what level of driving skill is required to complete the full tour program safely at the time calculated for it.

Short-distance tours with a lower speed (25-30 km/h), and less busy traffic (generally the traffic in the city is less busy on the morning tours).

Short-distance tours with a higher speed ( 30-40 km/h) and more busy traffic or driving after dark. 

Long-distance tours, driving on busy roads outside the city with medium/ high speed (40-50 km/h)

Public Tour

Public tours are shared tours. Also, other participants can book the same tour and you will tour together with them.

Private tour

Private tours are exclusively for you. When you book a private tour there are no other participants, that tour is only for you. You will do the tour at your desired pace which gives you extra comfort and if you have a particular request you can ask the tour guide to customize the tour for you.

Tour duration

The approximate duration of the tour, including the time for check-in, technical briefing, and practicing.

Tour Itinerary

We do our best to provide you with the itinerary as published in the tour program, however, we reserve the right to make changes in case of road closures and unforeseen circumstances.

Tour guide & Language

All tours are conducted with an English-speaking tour guide.

What’s included in the tour price

Scooter with a safety helmet, third-party liability insurance, gas, an intercom radio with a headset, and an English-speaking tour guide. Meals and entrance fees are generally not included in the tour price unless it is specified as included


We may provide you with extra services which you can book along with the tour on top of the basic tour price.


All tours require advance reservations. You can reserve a tour online up to 24 hours before the tour starts. For reservations within 24 hours please call our mobile at +36 309845100


We accept payments in cash in Euro (EUR) or Hungarian Forints (HUF) and with major credit cards.


We provide a full refund for cancellations up to 24 hours before the tour. No refund for cancellations within 24 hours


You must show up at the meeting point 15 minutes before the tour start for check-in and must present your driver’s license.

Meeting point

All tours start from and finish at the Budapest Scooter Tour office at 1053 Budapest Vamhaz körút 10