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Frequenty Asked Questions

By reading the FAQ’s, most probably you will  find the answer to your question, nevertheless if something is not clear or you need more information feel free to contact us.

If you can ride a bicycle, probably you can also ride a scooter. 

We recommend a guided tour if you would like to discover the city in a fun and easy-going way and visit the most famous attractions in a short time. No problem if you have never ridden a scooter. Before the tour you will be asked about your scooter riding experience and  if it is necessary your tour guide will provide you with a short practice in the quiet streets to gain confidence before you hit the busy roads.

We recommend renting a scooter If you have riding experience and would like to discover the city at your own pace in an adventurous way with a very cost-effective and versatile vehicle instead of taking long and tiring walks or traveling with a tour bus, the packed public transport or expensive cabs.

All our scooters are automatic, they have no gears. You just have to turn the throttle to ride.

To drive a 50 CC scooter you need a regular car license ( EU category “B”) or moped  license (EU category (“AM”) or an international equivalent
To drive a 125 cc scooter you need a motorcycle license ( EU category A1 or higher) or an international equivalent eligible to drive a 125 CC scooter.

According to Hungarian law, you cannot take a passenger on 50 CC scooters. If you want to ride with a passenger, you have to rent a 125 CC scooter. A 125 CC scooter requires a motorcycle license (EU  category A1 or higher) or an international equivalent eligible to drive a 125 CC scooter.

If you ride with a passenger on a 50 CC scooter there is a risk that the Police can stop you. Although it is unlikely that you will get a fine it can be a maximum of 50 EUR

If you are from the European Union (EU), or European Economic Area (EEA) your driver’s license is fully accepted. If you are from outside of the EU or EEA we can only accept your license if it clearly indicates the eligible vehicle categories in English. To avoid inconveniences you are kindly advised to check with your local authorities if you require an international driver’s license in Hungary as many countries have bilateral agreements with the EU or Hungary regarding the acceptance of driver’s licenses. You can obtain an international driver’s license from the local authorities in your country (police, automobile associations, etc), usually for a small fee.

Absolutely not. In Hungary, there is zero tolerance for alcohol during driving.

Yes in Hungary it is compulsory to wear a helmet while driving a scooter.

In Hungary, it is legal to park scooters on the sidewalks free of charge. The only rule is that you have to leave at least a 1,5 m path for pedestrians.

Although many scooter drivers do that, it is illegal to drive a scooter on a bicycle path. The bicycle path is a dedicated lane on the side of the road separated by a yellow line and is eligible only for bicycles.

Yes, you can drive a scooter in the bus lanes which is very useful during peak hours. The bus lane is a dedicated lane for public buses indicated with a traffic sign and also with the inscription “BUS” on the road deck. Besides public buses, two-wheel vehicles (scooters, motorcycles, bicycles) and cabs are eligible to ride there.

Margaret Island is a public park and passage is forbidden for motorized vehicles. However, you can enter the island from Arpad bridge located on its northern side, and park in the public parking area close to the bridge.

Yes, you can enter the Castle District and drive there with the exception of the government area on its southern side (The Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office, the Presidential Palace, and the Royal Palace are located here) which is only for pedestrian traffic. At all the entrances and exits of the Castle District, you will find a bar that you can simply pass by on the way in and out.

There are many areas in the city that are restricted for tour buses, however, you can drive there with a scooter. These areas include the area of the Parliament Building and St Stephen’s Basilica, the Castle District, and Gellert Hill. 

During the reconstruction of the Chain Bridge expected to be completed in June 2023 the passage of cars is prohibited on the bridge but with a scooter, you can drive through. After the end of the reconstruction the city will decide on the rules regarding road traffic and we will let you know about it.

It depends on the category of the scooter. Motorways and expressways in Hungary are controlled-access highways designed for high speed. 50 CC scooters are forbidden on motorways and expressways. 125 CC scooters are allowed but you have to buy a ticket in advance.

Motorways and expressways are toll roads in Hungary and to use them you have to buy a ticket in advance. The cheapest 10-day ticket for motorcycles costs 8 EUR (2023) and is valid for all the motorways and expressways in Hungary. You can buy the ticket in our office.

All our scooters are provided with a Third Party Liability Insurance. This insurance covers your liability towards third parties in case of an accident that involves damage to a third-party vehicle or injuries of persons due to your fault. This insurance does not cover the damage to your scooter or the injuries of the driver. If damage occurred in your scooter due to another driver’s fault then his insurance should cover the damages to your scooter. In case of an accident, it is essential to inform the Budapest Scooter Tour immediately and in case of personal injury or when the other driver does not want to acknowledge his fault it is also necessary to inform the Police.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with waiver insurance for collision damage (CDW) or theft (THP), or personal insurance as in Hungary no such insurance is available for scooters. We recommend obtaining Travel Insurance in your country before your trip. The risk of theft in Budapest is very low and all our scooters are provided with an anti-theft lock.  

You are liable for breaking the traffic rules and any damage, theft, or loss of the scooter. You are only exempted from your liability in case the damage was the fault of another driver and his responsibility was officially approved. According to our terms, in case of damage, theft, or loss of the scooter your liability is limited to the following amount: 
50 cc scooter: 500 Euros
125 cc standard scooter: 750 Euros
125 cc Maxi scooter: 1 000 Euros

The damage costs are calculated according to the tariffs representing the cost of the replacement of the damaged parts involving the cost of the spare parts, labor, and delivery costs. In most cases, the damage cost can be calculated immediately but in some cases, we have to consult our repair shop to give you the final cost. 

In case of technical problems or a breakdown, we take all measures to help you as soon as possible. Smaller technical issues can usually be solved on the spot or if not, we provide you with another scooter if possible. Our road assistance is free within the city limits.

The security deposit is your guarantee for the damages, theft or loss of the scooter and it is payable at the beginning of the rental. The amount of the deposit is indicated in our general rental terms. The deposit will be immediately refunded after the termination of the rental if the scooter was returned undamaged. You can provide the deposit in several ways:

Payment In cash in Euros or Hungarian Forints 

Payment with a credit card 
In case you pay the deposit with a credit card, the full rental should be paid with the same card. We block the total amount of the deposit and the rental cost on your card and when you return the scooter, the rental cost will be deducted from the blocked amount and the rest will be refunded.

Payment with Paypal
If you pay the deposit with Paypal  (from your Paypal account or credit card) Paypal will charge a transaction fee. After the termination of the rental, your deposit minus the transaction fee will be refunded to your original account.

Passport or National ID
If you don’t want to pay with cash or card we accept your National ID (only if you are from the EU or EEA) or Passport as a deposit.

Yes, we provide the scooters with a full tank and you have to return them with a full tank. Please keep the receipt from the gas station and present it at drop-off.  If you fail to refill the scooter you will have to pay a Refill Service Charge (rates are indicated in the general rental conditions). If you do not want to hassle with refilling the scooter you can buy our Fuel Package at the start of the rental at a reduced price and you can bring back the scooter with an empty tank.

The scooters filled up with 95 unleaded petrol.

The fuel consumption of a scooter is incredibly low, generally 2.5-3 liters of petrol /100 km.

No, there is no mileage limitation, we provide the scooters with unlimited mileage

Honestly, driving a scooter everywhere involves a bit more risk simply because you are on two wheels and you are more exposed to road and weather conditions. Although Budapest is a fairly big city the traffic is far better than in some other big cities and local drivers are aware of two-wheel vehicles on the roads.

When you visit a place for the first time it is always more difficult to find directions. We are going to give you instructions and useful tips on where to go and what to see in the city and you will be provided with a free map but to get directions we recommend using your phone’s navigation. The most popular is Google Maps navigation available for Android and IOS phones free of charge. Google Maps navigation can also work in offline mode by downloading an offline map in advance. For safe driving, our scooters are equipped with a phone holder. If you want to learn about the city’s best attractions you can try the Budapest Smart Map app, our English-language guide and navigation app all in one.

We do not provide delivery service to hotels or airports but our office is conveniently located in the city center, easily accessible by public transport or even on foot from the major areas of the city, and the stop of the express airport shuttle bus is only a few minutes walk away.

In our shop, you can pay with cash, in Euros or Hungarian Forints and we also accept major credit cards. On our online booking system, you can pay with a credit card.

Yes, you can book our services online on our online booking system up to 24 hours prior to the service start. For reservations within 24 hours please call us.