The Fabulous Danube Bend

Prices are per person in EUR
80 from
  • 1 person 250 EUR
  • 2 persons 150 EUR
  • 3 persons 120 EUR
  • 4 persons 100 EUR
  • 5 persons 95 EUR
  • 6 persons 90 EUR
  • 7 persons 85 EUR
  • 8-9 persons 80 EUR

Tour Highlights

Discover the natural beauty and the historic villages of the picturesque Danube Bend
Visit Visegrad High Castle with a stunning view of the Danube Bend
Discover Szentendre a picturesque baroque town
Take a glimpse into Obuda a charming neighborhood in Budapest
Enjoy a delicious lunch in a panoramic restaurant

Tour Specs


8 hours

Driving Distance

100 km




English-speaking guide

Tour Type

Private Tour

Countryside Tours

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